Raw Jute

Jute – the golden fiber and Bangladesh’s second main crop, grows in the monsoon. Jute is the most versatile natural vegetable fiber gifted by nature. Because of its versatility and durability, JUTE is called Fibre For The Future.
Best Jute Bangladesh – leading Bangladeshi raw jute supplier and exporter, mostly deal the two most common types of raw jute fiber – White Jute and Tossa Jute. 

White jute was traditionally used to make ropes and twines and also a low cost, low quality, fabric for clothes of the poor in the regions where it was produced.

Tossa jute fibre is softer, silkier, and stronger than white jute. Tossa Jute has huge demand for industrial use. Tossa Jute is good sustainability in the climate. Tossa is also known as the top quality jute from Bangladesh.

We also export Roselle Hemp Fiber (Mesta), and Kenaf Fiber from Bangladesh. Our locational advantage (Bangladesh) gives us the opportunity to supply you the highest quality bast fibres in the world.

List of our Vegetable / Natural Bast Fibres

++ Jute Fibre ++

Bangla Tossa Jute (Corchorus olitorius)
Bangla White Jute (Corchorus capsularis)

++ Hibiscuss Fibre ++

Roselle Hemp Fibre – Mesta/Meshta (Hibiscus sabdariffa)
Kenaf Fibre – Ambari Hemp/Paco-paco (Hibiscus cannabinus)

Vegetable / Natural Bast Fibres Forms

The Bast Fibres are available in:

> Long & short fiber (Raw Soft Fiber),
> Fiber Cuttings (Low-end Hard Fiber),
> Cut-to-length (Precut soft fiber in specified length)
> Bast Fiber Tow – Jute Tow
> Bast Fiber Sliver – Jute Sliver

Vegetable / Natural Bast Fibre Grades

++ Bangla Tossa (Highest quality Bangladeshi jute fiber) ++

Long Fibre: BT-Special, BTA, BTB, BTC, BTD, BTE, and BTR (Tossa Jute Waste or Rejects)
Jute Cuttings/Butts: BTCA and BTCB

++ Bangla White (High quality Bangladeshi jute fiber) ++

Long Fibre: BW-Special, BWA, BWB, BWC, BWD, BWE, BWR (White Jute Waste or Rejects)
Jute Cuttings/Butts: BWCA and BWCB

++ Roselle Hemp Fibre – Mesta/Meshta (Medium quality bast fibre) ++
Long Fibre: Mesta-Special, Mesta-A, Mesta-B, Mesta-C
Cuttings: Special & Ordinary

++ Kenaf (Medium quality bast fibre) ++

Long Fiber: Special & Ordinary

Synonyms of our Vegetable / Natural Bast Fibres

++ Tossa Jute ++

Tussa Jute, Red Jute, Tosha Paat, Mitha (Sweet) Paat, Bangladeshi Tossa Jute, Nalita/Nalta Jute, Jute Roax/Rouge, Tossa Jute Bangladesh, Chanvre du Bengale Tussa, Feuilles Lalo/Lalou (Potherb), Yute de Fruto Alargado, Jew’s Mallow (Potherb), Mulukiya/Molohiya (Potherb), Almindelig Jute, Langkapsel-Jute, Daisee Jute, Pikaviljaline Dzuut, Iuta/Juta Rossa, Jute Dlinnoplodnyj, Zhong-shuo Huang-ma.

++ White Jute ++

Shuti Paat, Tita (Bitter) Paat, Calcutta/Bengal Hemp, Bangladeshi White Jute, Indian Flax, Jute Blanc, White Jute Bangladesh, Iuta/Juta bianca, Rundkapsel-Jute, Weibe Jute, Hvid Jute, Umaraviljaline Dzuut, Jute Korotkoplodnyj, Yuan-guo Huang-ma.

++ Mesta/Roselle ++

Patwa, Rosella/Roselle Hemp, Da/Dah Foura, Oseille (Fruit), Rosella Jute, Java Jute, Siam Jute, Ketmie Ecarlate (Flower), Sorelle/Sorel (Fruit), Rosa Jamaica (Fruit), Hibiscusbluten, African Mallow, Sabdariff-Eibisch, Karkade/Carcade (Fruit), Bisaab/Basaap/Bissap, Mei-gui qie, Malva Espinhosa, Rozella, Ceylon Hemp.

++ Kenaf ++

Chenaf, Patsan, Bimli, Pundi, Da/Dah Dian, Canhamo Brasileiro, Ambary/Ambari Hemp, Gambo/Gombo Hemp, Deccan Jute/Hemp, Bombay Jute/Hemp, Brown Indian Hemp, Madras Hemp, Guinea Hemp, Sunnhemp, Bimlipatam Jute, Paco-paco, Awasthe Hemp, Indisk Hamp, Bastard Jute, Hibiskus Konopiowaty, Kanephibisk, El-Nino-Blume

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